Vote by mail

Vote by mail — act today

All Minnesotans have the option to vote by mail! You do not need an “excuse” to use this, such as being out of town.

Since we don’t know what the situation will be like for COVID on August 11th or November 3rd, we strongly recommend you request mail ballots for both primary and general election.

The witness requirement has been waived on the primary ballot. However, there are ongoing court challenges on this issue. If you can, get a witness. But if you can’t, just send it in; it is likely to stay waived.

Click the link below to complete your voter application on the Secretary of State site:

Make a plan to vote in person

If you want to vote in person, please stay tuned for appropriate guidance to stay safe during COVID. You can find your specific polling place here:

Sean voting on Super Tuesday
Voting on Super Tuesday 2020 — remember when you could just show up and vote? 🙂