Voting information

Voting is complete for 2020! The voting info page is below:

Vote in person

In-person absentee

Didn’t request a mail-in ballot, but ready to vote? You can vote at Richfield City Hall via “in-person absentee” (aka early voting), any business day between now and November 2nd. Be sure to wear a mask.

Election Day – November 3rd

You still have the option to wait until the regular election day! Go to your normal polling place. Be sure to wear a mask. You can find your specific polling place here:

Vote by mail

October 30th: If you still have a mail-in ballot in your possession, it is now recommended that you return it in-person. Do not mail it.

(This is due to an unfortunate effort to disenfranchise voters. I strongly object to this, but we need to be sure your vote counts!)

Have you already mailed in your ballot? Use the link below to check the status:

October 30th: Mail-in ballots should be returned to Richfield City Hall’s secure dropbox! The dropbox is available during business hours, 8am to 4:30pm weekdays. Be sure to wear a mask.